[Internal-cg] RES: Revised Text on Question about ICG and ICANN board

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Oct 22 15:40:29 UTC 2014


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> Here it is a possible draft that tries to merge in a single text multiple
> suggestions on the issue.
> The ICG is independent of the ICANN board. The board is represented
> on the ICG by two liaisons (Mrs Elise Gerich, IANA Staff Expert; and  Mr
> Kuo-Wei Wu, ICANN Board Liaison), who are there to provide
> information about the IANA functions and to keep the board and ICG
> informed about the implications of the transition. Like any other
> member of the community, the ICANN board can submit public
> comments to the ICG about the final proposal. Consistent with U.S.
> federal government procurement rules, the NTIA needs to have the
> final proposal submitted to it by the ICANN board, but the Board does
> not have community approval to modify or approve the ICG's proposal.
> When the ICG submits its final proposal to ICANN, it will also be
> released to the general public and to NTIA as well.

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