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Hi Manal,

great work and it looks good.  Thank you!

And, I think your change to "proposal submitted by the ICG" was a very good edit.


On Oct 23, 2014, at 2:48 AM, Manal Ismail <manal at tra.gov.eg> wrote:

> Dear all ..
> Please find attached, and in Dropbox, a new version of ICG FAQ reflecting the latest views and comments shared .. I have also attached below the final compilation of answers to Q#15 & Q#16 for your convenience .. Kindly note that I took the liberty to change "ICG proposal" or "ICG's proposal" to "proposal submitted by the ICG", to avoid being misunderstood as attributing the community's proposal solely to the ICG .. Hope this is ok with everyone ..
> Happy to receive any further remarks or comments ..
> Kind Regards
> --Manal
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> 15.   What is the role of the ICANN Board in preparing the proposal?
> The ICG is independent of the ICANN Board.  The Board is represented on the ICG by two liaisons (Mrs. Elise Gerich, IANA Staff Expert; and  Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu, ICANN Board Liaison), who are there to provide information about the IANA functions and to keep the Board and the ICG informed about the implications of the transition.  Like any other member of the community, the ICANN Board can submit comments through the established procedures for public comment.  Consistent with U.S. federal government procurement rules, the NTIA needs to have the final proposal submitted to it by the ICANN Board, but the Board does not have community approval to modify the proposal submitted by the ICG.  When the ICG submits the final proposal to ICANN, it will also be released to the general public and to NTIA as well.
> 16.   How will ICANN Board handle the final proposal submitted by the ICG?
> The ICG expects that the final proposal, having achieved consensus on the Coordination Group and within the Operational Communities, will be welcomed by the ICANN Board and dutifully transmitted to NTIA.
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