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On 25/10/14 13:13, Elise Gerich wrote:
> Dear Manal,
> I thought the discussion on list had indicated that it is more 
> accurate to say, “ICANN is represented on the ICG by two liaisons…” 
>  rather than “The Board is represented on the ICG by two liaisons…”. 
>  Kuo-Wei Wu is the Board’s liaison to the ICG, and my role is a 
> liaison from the ICANN’s IANA department.  My participation on the 
> committee is not as a representative of the ICANN Board.
> Best regards,
> -- Elise
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> Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 11:48 PM
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> Subject: [Internal-cg] ICG FAQ - reflecting comments received until 
> 23Oct14 ..
>     Dear all ..
>     Please find attached, and in Dropbox, a new version of ICG FAQ
>     reflecting the latest views and comments shared .. I have also
>     attached below the final compilation of answers to Q#15 & Q#16 for
>     your convenience .. Kindly note that I took the liberty to change
>     "ICG proposal" or "ICG's proposal" to "proposal submitted by the
>     ICG", to avoid being misunderstood as attributing the community's
>     proposal solely to the ICG .. Hope this is ok with everyone ..
>     Happy to receive any further remarks or comments ..
>     Kind Regards
>     --Manal
>     ----------------------------------------------------------
>     *15.**What is the role of the ICANN Board in preparing the proposal?*
>     The ICG is independent of the ICANN Board.  The Board is
>     represented on the ICG by two liaisons (Mrs. Elise Gerich, IANA
>     Staff Expert; and  Mr. Kuo-Wei Wu, ICANN Board Liaison), who are
>     there to provide information about the IANA functions and to keep
>     the Board and the ICG informed about the implications of the
>     transition.  Like any other member of the community, the ICANN
>     Board can submit comments through the established procedures for
>     public comment.  Consistent with U.S. federal government
>     procurement rules, the NTIA needs to have the final proposal
>     submitted to it by the ICANN Board, but the Board does not have
>     community approval to modify the proposal submitted by the ICG.
>      When the ICG submits the final proposal to ICANN, it will also be
>     released to the general public and to NTIA as well.
>     *16.**How will ICANN Board handle the final proposal submitted by
>     the ICG?*
>     The ICG expects that the finalproposal, having achieved consensus
>     on the Coordination Group and within the Operational Communities,
>     will be welcomed by the ICANN Board and dutifully transmitted to NTIA.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------
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