[Internal-cg] Action items from teleconference of 29 October 2014

Samantha Dickinson samantha at linguasynaptica.com
Wed Oct 29 12:48:27 UTC 2014

Action items:

1. After receiving  enhanced assessment on conflict of interest
statements by ICANN’s legal team, Akplogan to send email to private
ICG mailing list to notify ICG members of the selected candidate for
the ICG Secretariat, as well as details of the process used to select
the final candidate.

2. ICG members to respond with any comments or questions they have on
the final candidate selection within 48 hours of Akplogan sending the
notification email to the private mailing list.

3. ICG members to complete Doodle poll for remaining three
teleconference calls for the year.

4. ICG members to continue working on developing a draft of expections
the ICG has of the ICANN Board's handling of the final stewardship
proposal in time for the Board's discussion on the issue (discussion
due by end of November).

Please note that action items 3 and 4 relate to general discussion
held on the call after the formal agenda item on Secretariat selection
finished early.


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