[Internal-cg] Building on Commonalities .. [was: Handling process complaints]

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On 2.02.15 23:00 , Alissa Cooper wrote:
> Jean-Jacques,
> ... And I think it would be great to continue this discussion on the 
> mailing list so that it need not occupy much time during the F2F
meeting. ...

After the discussion so far, my proposal remains as is: 

avoid any impression that we run a complaints procedure or an appeals
[MI]: Agree ..

No procedure. 
[MI]: Agree .. We don't necessarily need a procedure, per se, but at
least we need common agreement on how to proceed ..

No acknowledgements. No forwarding.
[MI]: Let me try to go down this path, then what? Do nothing? Then why
did we agree to receive comments directly from the community at the
first place? Do something else? Fair enough, what is it? 

Agree on posing specific questions using our normal process.
[MI]: I fully agree .. Each ICG member can pose questions to the
relevant OC .. and I support Alissa's proposal, to gather all ICG
questions and compile one list (union of all) for each relevant OC ..
ICG questions and public comments are different and not mutually
exclusive processes, as ICG questions may or may not have to with public
comments ..

It appears to me that we should address this first. It makes no sense
going into details about a specific procedure before we definitely agree
to have one.
[MI]: Definitely .. I fully agree ..

[MI]: I think, by now, both our views are clear :) .. Let's hear other
colleagues then try to reach an ICG consensus view and a way forward
tomorrow at the meeting ..

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