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Paul, Colleagues:

The following issue was also raised in relation to the Numbers proposal 
in the informal meeting, I have fleshed them out further:

We appreciate the clarification that there is one contract with 5 RIR 
signatories.  In the SLA Principles, paragraphs 5,6 and 7 propose the 
ability to to review and possibly terminate the Agreement with the 
Numbering Services Operator.  Can these rights be applied by each RIR?  
If so, could that result in the multiple SLAs across different 
operators.  Will the SLA address these issues.  Is there any limitation 
on individual RIR rights of exercise?  is there a role for the NRO?

It was agreed that each operational community might choose a different 
jurisdiction, but with 5 RIRs, there are 6 possible jurisdictions 
(including names operator) where the SLA could be interpreted. Could 
this lead to divergent outcomes and lack of predictability?  Will the 
SLA specify a law or set of laws to applied (this includes for 
Arbitration and will Arbitration be binding)?

Finally would it be useful to specify further requirements on paragraphs 
3 and 4 as inputs to the definition of accountability procedures in 
parallel working groups?


On 2/6/2015 12:51 PM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> This idea was worked out during the informal session yesterday.
> I think it had support among everyone there, so here is an attempt to 
> provide specific wording for the transmission of the question:
> “The IETF IANAPLAN WG did not think a formal request to change the 
> arrangements regarding the IANA trademark and the iana.org domain was 
> necessary as part of its transition proposal. But Section III.A.2 of 
> the RIR proposal says "It is the preference of the Internet Number 
> Community that all relevant parties agree to [certain expectations 
> related to iana.org and the iana tm] as part of the transition." If 
> this formal request was required by the other communities would the 
> IETF be willing to make its proposal compatible with that request?”
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