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Welcome to ICANN meeting scheduling dysfunction!
This is a very irritating but unfortunately routine aspect of ICANN meetings.
Often the presenters are not balanced as well.

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Without any previous communication I just got this in my mailbox.

Part from being a complete surprise, it has also created quite some scheduling conflicts at ICANN.

Because of this, I am at the moment awaiting further information "how this was created".

Regardless, it seems there will be an "informational session on IANA Transition and Accountability" where I am requested to be part of a Q&A.


P.S. Bullet / speaking points will be send shortly

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Subject: Sunday Evening IANA Transition & Accountability Session
Date: 7 februari 2015 22:51:19 GMT+8

Good evening Chairs and to those of you who have graciously agreed to step in for one -

Attached is the final show flow for the Sunday evening session.  Please review and let me know if you have any questions.

While the Chairs have not been asked to make presentations, please feel free to suggest an issue or question you would like Bertrand, our moderator, to ask.

We have set aside a good 45 minutes for Q&A but our hope is the session will be more of a free flowing discussion.

While we planned to have only one Chair from each of the active groups to sit on the panel, there may be extra space, as well as a standup mic on the floor to encourage participation.

Bertrand will be in the room at 1630 to begin a brief rehearsal and encourages as many of you who can to arrive early as well.

Thanks again for taking the time out of your already busy schedules to do this.  I think this will be a great kickoff to all of the important discussions to follow this week.


Jim Trengrove
Senior Director of Communications
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
+1 202 297 8950

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