[Internal-cg] Action items from ICG Face-to-Face Meeting #4, 6-7 February 2015

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Sure .. Daniel should be listed as part of 5 and, from a later message, I can see that this has been already taken care of.. 

Thanks for noticing ..

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Jennifer, Colleagues, please note that we also provided input on contracting issues to the numbers proposal in the form of questions to help inform the work going forward, so I am not sure it's an action item per se, but it should be noted correctly, perhaps more appropriately in the minutes.  Per request of the Chair, the questions were posted to the list.

Should Daniel be listed as part of 5?


On 2/7/2015 6:39 PM, Jennifer Chung wrote:

	Hello All,


	As reviewed by the ICG chairs, please find the list of action items from the ICG Face-to-Face Meeting #4 below:


	1. Secretariat to summarize questions/answers resolved internally about the protocol parameters proposal and numbers proposal discussed.

	2. Arkko to compile a list of for a request for information from the protocol parameters community re jurisdiction, NTIA oversight and send it to internal-cg list. 

	3. Wilson to request clarification from CRISP team, questions put forth by Arasteh (regarding Section II.B.2 and III.A of the numbers proposal).

	4. ICG chairs to review details of the proposal finalization process and refine ICG timeline with assistance from Secretariat.

	5. Ismail, Arasteh, St. Amour, Alhadeff, Subrenat to continue working on community comments handling document with suggestions put forward by other ICG members.

	6. ICG to continue to discuss and agree on talking points and ICG chairs to send bullet points for Monday session on the internal-cg list.

	7. Fältström to communicate with CWG-IANA and CCWG-Accountability before coordinating ICG teleconference schedule.


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