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How would we factor this in the revision to our timeline?
On 2/12/2015 4:40 AM, WUKnoben wrote:
> Please find here the statement as read.
>> We have received several questions requesting clarification as to how 
>> ICANN will handle receipt of the proposal from the ICG and the Work 
>> Stream 1 proposal from the CCWG.  We hope the following will be helpful.
>> NTIA is expecting coordinated proposals from both groups.  They 
>> cannot act on just one.  Further, they expect the ICG proposal will 
>> take into account the accountability mechanisms proposed by the CCWG. 
>> We are heartened by the close coordination between the groups, 
>> including liaisons from the ICG to the CCWG. ICANN is expecting to 
>> receive both proposals at roughly the same time.  When ICANN receives 
>> these proposals, we will forward them promptly and without 
>> modification to NTIA. As we have previously stated, if we do submit 
>> the proposals with an accompanying communication of comments, they 
>> will be on points we had already shared with the community during the 
>> development of the proposals.
>> We therefore encourage the groups to continue coordinating closely to 
>> ensure ICANN receives the proposals together and is able to provide 
>> them to NTIA in a coordinated manner.
>> With respect to improvements in our accountability, we are definitely 
>> open to improvements.
> It will also be posted
> Best regards
> Wolf-Ulrich
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