[Internal-cg] Timeline and proposal finalization process updates

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Fri Feb 20 10:44:22 UTC 2015


thank you for doing this work. It is very clear and useful.

I fully agree that we should progress the responses we have in hand as 
much as we can at this time. Not only is this the best use of time; it 
will also prevent us from frustrating the communities that did respond 
on time. We should proceed with this as you suggest and I ask you to 
make a conscious effort to keep the IETF and the RIRs informed of this.

We should also agree that we will work to the "Optimized" time line if 
we possibly can. This is *only* possible if we receive a high quality 
response from the CWG which is simple enough to be implemented in the 
time allotted. Whether or not we receive such a response is not up to 
us; it is up to the CWG. However I consider it important that we clearly 
and loudly signal our willingness to work as quickly as we possibly can 
if the CWG response allows us to do so. We should project that we are 
willing to do our best. Maybe this will help the CWG to focus; one can 
always hope.

If, on the other hand, the CWG response requires substantial work we 
should revert to the 'Original-Combined' time line which is 100% 
consistent with our earlier stated plans.

I am alos *very* concerned about creating unnecessary inter-dependencies 
between our (ICG) work and the CCWG process and output. Our charter is 
to produce a proposal for specific operational arrangements. Our charter 
does not touch ICANN accountability in any way. As far as I am concerned 
there are absolutely no inter-dependencies between our work and the work 
of the CCWG at this point in time. The CCWG will hand its output to the 
ICANN board totally independent of our work and output.

*If* the CWG decides to refer to CCWG output in their response to us, 
this situation may change and things can potentially become very 
complicated. But at this point in time we do not know this.

Summary: Let's proceed expeditiously with work on the responses we have 
in hand. Let's agree to make an effort to work to the "Optimized" time 
line if the CWG response allows us to. Let's agree to work to the 
"Original-Combined" time line if the CWG response needs substantial 
work. Let's watch the CCWG work, but let us not discuss it formally 
until we cannot avoid it.


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