[Internal-cg] Summary of internally resolved questions re the protocol parameters and numbers proposals

Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Fri Feb 20 13:34:46 UTC 2015

On Thu, 19 Feb 2015, Jennifer Chung wrote:
>Typos and formatting have been fixed.  Please see attached v1 of the chart.
>This is also available at the Dropbox link below:

Thank you for this.

In cell 6D (answer to Protocol parameters question 1.3), there is 
a reference to the ICANN board.  I think that that should be the 
ISOC board.

In cell 16D (answer to Protocol parameters question 2.5), there is 
a reference to "the IAO".  I think that should be the IAOC.

In cell 25D (answer to Numbers question 2.5), it says "The new 
contract will be between the proposed Review Committee and ICANN." 
That is not accurate.  The proposed contract would be between 
the RIRs and ICANN, as is correctly shown in cell 21D (answer to 
question 2.1).

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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