[Internal-cg] ICG F2F meeting in Buenos Aires

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Mon Feb 23 16:47:36 UTC 2015

Manal, I very much like your suggestion of having the bulk of our face-to-face time be prior to ICANN 53 and also scheduling a working session of a few hours in length at the end of the week (some time between the Wednesday and Friday of ICANN week, June 24, 25, or 26).


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> Thanks a million Patrik !!
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>> (5) Next Face-to-Face Meeting in Buenos Aires
>> [MI]: If time allows, I suggest adding this as an agenda item to agree whether the meeting will be before or after the ICANN week .. I recall this was discussed in Singapore but not concluded .. If no further discussion is needed maybe a Doodle poll will serve the purpose .. and if time doesn't allow we can definitely discuss online .. The reason I brought this up is that the hotels are already announced and it will be good to know early on the dates of any additional days ..
>> As I will not be on the call, I'll share my opinion here .. If I recall correctly, we've met 'after' in Istanbul (and LA?) and 'before' in Singapore .. I think meeting before was useful in aligning views, making sure everyone is on the same page, agreeing on messages that need to be conveyed, etc … .. Having said that, and if ICG members' flights allow, a couple of hours to wrap up, at the end, after the public forum, may also be useful ..
> This conclusion of yours matches my view of the consensus of ICG. Specifically now when data we have say that CWG Names will really try hard to have something ready before BA. The only reason for us to meet after BA was, according to what I heard, if we believe Names CWG explicitly will deliver during that week.
> What I have done is to request information about ability for us to have our meeting Thursday-Friday before ICANN week. With alternatives Friday-Saturday before and Friday-Saturday after the ICANN meeting. I hope to have data on the call Wednesday. Reason for Thursday-Friday was simply that so many ICANN activities that involves so many ICG members (for example gNSO) happens Saturday.
>   Patrik

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