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Hi Jari
The issue isn't with the amount of reading to do, but rather that it is an extensive list all referenced to elsewhere.

When I have run tenders in the past it all usually comes packaged in with the response, and the responses to ours thus far seem just a little too brief, and the other material quite lengthy and elsewhere. I have plenty of experience ferreting out RFCs but it does get tedious.


On 1/6/2015 6:45 PM, Jari Arkko wrote:


That there is some amount of reading to do is probably a feature in all proposals,

at least if they point to existing mechanisms described elsewhere or describe

new mechanisms with a reasonable level of detail.

No one said the ICG job was going to be easy :-) And while I'd probably classify

our task more in the category of ensuring the proposals fulfil the criteria and can

fit to the rest of the system than determining if they are satisfactory to us, in any case

there will be some reading and proposal-understanding ahead all of us. Unless

the rest of you already understand everything, I certainly do not...

If there's anything that the IETF team can do to help provide information

or explain wrt our arrangements, let us know.



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