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Lars-Johan Liman liman at netnod.se
Wed Jan 14 16:55:02 UTC 2015


Wonderful! Congratulations! We'll miss you in SIN, but we'll make do.

				Best regards,

alissa at cooperw.in:
> Hi all,

> I wanted to let you know that I’m expecting my first baby in March. As
> a result, I will not be able to travel to Singapore for ICANN 52, and
> I will be taking some time away from work after the baby is
> born. Mohamed, Patrik, and I have discussed ICG chairing
> responsibilities in light of this and wanted to share that plan with
> you.

> For the Feb 6-7 ICG meeting and ICANN 52:
> * As they did for the September meeting, Patrik and Mohamed will
> decide amongst themselves who will run each session or portion thereof
> (and we can of course continue the practice of sharing that
> responsibility among all the ICG members).
> * I will participate remotely for as much of the meetings as possible
> and will be available by phone/Skype/IM for ad hoc discussion as
> necessary. Daylight hours in Singapore are early-to-late evening hours
> in California, so this should work ok.

> For parental leave time:
> My parental leave will likely start in early-to-mid March (although it
> could start earlier, it’s not entirely predictable). My rough plan for
> leave is outline below, but obviously it could change substantially at
> any time depending on how everything goes.

> I plan to take 4 weeks entirely off of work after the baby is born. If
> some ICG emergency requires my attention during that time, Patrik and
> Mohamed will have my contact details and will be able to reach
> me. During that time they will decide amongst themselves who will run
> teleconferences, make consensus calls (if necessary), and make
> administrative decisions, or they will do those things jointly.

> After 4 weeks I will still be at home with the baby but will plan to
> return to my ICG responsibilities. Patrik, Mohamed and I will
> coordinate if scheduling issues come up on my end but my hope is to be
> able to re-engage with the mailing list, phone conferences, and the
> rest of our work.

> After 12 weeks I will be back to working full-time. I plan to travel to ICANN 53.

> Please feel free to reach out to me on the mailing list or privately if you have questions.
> Alissa
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