[Internal-cg] Community Comments Handling Process ..

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Sat Jan 31 12:03:56 UTC 2015

I remain unconvinced that we need such a procedure.

There is no need to respond to individual comments. It is sufficient to 
note that the ICG is paying attention to the forum.

There is no need to forward any comments to anyone. The forum is public 
and anyone can read it. It is sufficient to point those we wish to take 
action based on comments to the forum.

We can always request specific actions from anyone.

On the other hand the procedure creates risks of abuse and bad press for us.

Thus we should not implement this procedure.


1 - Alert
This serves no essential purpose as we are all aware of the forum. as 
written it causes the secretariat to forward, and thus multiply, spam.

2 - Acknowledge
This serves no essential purpose as the commenter can check whether 
their comment appears in the forum themselves. It creates a risk for 
error because it assumes the secretariat can reliably determine what in 
fact is spam. While I agree with Martin that "common courtesy" is 
desirable this does not justify the additional effort and the risk.

3 - Forward
This serves no essential purpose as the OCs can read the public forum. 
It involves an unnecessary decision about what is spam and which 
operational community is relevant together with the associated risks for 
abuse and error. We can make the suggestion without forwarding 
individual comments.

4 - Follow-up
This is not really part of a (new) procedure. We can state this publicly 
without calling it "procedure".

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