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Martin Boyle Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk
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Isn’t it so that when we have assembled the proposal and go to consultation we already have an informed audience who might pay attention?  Otherwise we will be going out to the same old people.

I keep hearing about how we are failing to reach beyond our known communities.  This is probably more an issue for ccTLDs than for gTLDs (ccTLDs do not absolutely need to attend ICANN meetings) and for small operators than large (because they are focussed on their core business and local community).  But we still have an overall responsibility for an open process, and it is hardly open if no one knows about it or does not understand it.

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Agree, we will need outreach when we assemble the final proposal but we also need it through the evaluation process, better to plan/start early while we have less pressure now.

Help me to understand how our current evaluation work, or any foreseeable evaluation work, relies on forms of “outreach” that would be facilitated by infographics.
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