[IOT] REMINDER: Doodle poll for planning future IRP-IOT meetings

Brenda Brewer brenda.brewer at icann.org
Fri May 27 16:13:37 UTC 2016

Hi all!

Reminder if you have not yet filled out the doodle poll, please do so today to help in planning IRP-IOT meetings.  http://doodle.com/poll/rki722uwetgm9vgv

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


From: Brenda Brewer
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:17 PM
To: 'iot at icann.org' <iot at icann.org>
Cc: ACCT-Staff <acct-staff at icann.org>
Subject: Doodle poll for planning future IRP-IOT meetings

Hello IRP-IOT team,

As discussed on yesterday's call, we'd like to get your input to future meetings.  Please see the doodle poll and select your availability for next week and following Monday.  We will then select the most popular day and time and rotate meetings based on the results of this doodle.

DOODLE POLL LINK:  http://doodle.com/poll/rki722uwetgm9vgv

Thank you for your timely reply.  Will close poll Friday, 27 May at 22:00 UTC.

Kind regards,

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