[IOT] Call Wednesday April 19 at 13:00 UTC

McAuley, David dmcauley at verisign.com
Mon Apr 17 17:44:15 UTC 2017

Dear members of the IRP IOT,

Here is the agenda and related notes for our call this Wednesday, April 19th, at 13:00 UTC:


1.       Admin/SOI (2 minutes);

2.       Reminder of working collegiality (2 minutes);

3.       Status of timing issue and plan for conclusion (non-substantive update - 3 minutes);

4.       Comments due on Expression of Interest (2 minutes);

5.       Joinder Issue;

6.       Challenges to consensus policy issue;

7.       Segmenting certain issues;

8.       Remaining work plan.

On joinder see this email<http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/iot/2017-March/000170.html> for reference (both Greg Shatan's comment and mine). In addition, we may have an email from Sam in the meantime so if that comes in please read it prior to the call.

For segmenting certain issues see this email<http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/iot/2017-March/000172.html> for reference.

I will try to send notes to the list tomorrow on the issue regarding challenges to consensus policy.

Best regards,


David McAuley

International Policy Manager

Verisign Inc.


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