[IOT] Recordings, DAIRs, Raw Caption Notes for IRP-IOT Meeting #41 - 7 June 2018

MSSI Secretariat mssi-secretariat at icann.org
Fri Jun 8 13:25:39 UTC 2018

Hello all,

You may find the recordings, Decisions, Action Items, Requests (DAIRs), and raw caption notes for IRP-IOT Meeting #41 on 7 June 2018
here:  https://community.icann.org/x/dSUFBQ

The transcript will be posted on when it becomes available (usually in 3 to 5 business days after the call).

A copy of the DAIRs and raw caption notes may be found below.

Thank you.

With kind regards,
Brenda Brewer, Projects & Operations Assistant
Multistakeholder Strategy & Strategic Initiatives (MSSI)
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
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Action Items:

  *   DM – Will post to list on situation regarding Rule 5 vs MH’s concerns
  *   SE – Will circulate final interim rules in red-line and clean.
  *   DM,SE and staff  – Contact Holly re Interim rules
  *   Staff – ensure time at WS2 Face to Face at ICANN 62 for DM to present consultation on repose.

Raw Caption Notes*
*Note that these are the unofficial transcript. Official transcript will be posted 2-3 days after the call

  *   Word Doc<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/84223349/CCWG-Accountability-WS2-IRP-IOT-Meeting-20180607-RawCaptioning.docx?version=1&modificationDate=1528463609737&api=v2>
  *   PDF<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/84223349/CCWG-Accountability-WS2-IRP-IOT-Meeting-20180607-RawCaptioning%5B2%5D.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1528463622055&api=v2>


  *   Core text for Repose is accepted for public consultation as a second reading confirmed. DM and Staff will work out the details to get this posted as soon as possible.

Next meeting:  Thursday 14 June 1900 UTC

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