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Thank you for this.

I read your proposed letter and hope that others on this list will as well. I think we need to give folks some time to weigh in.

I would very much like for those of us in the IOT who plan to be in Kobe to get together informally, as Malcolm suggests. We cannot conduct IOT business, of course, as all will probably not have the opportunity to be there, but it will be nice to see each other and perhaps share a coffee.

If those who plan to be in Kobe would let us know on this list perhaps Malcolm and I can try to arrange a brief coffee or such.

I leave for Kobe tomorrow morning and for the rest of this day will be in a few brief meetings and then tied up preparing to travel. But for now, best wishes to all on this list.


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On 06/03/2019 12:17, McAuley, David wrote:
> Hello Malcolm,
> I have been looking at this from every angle I could think of and this is what I came to propose - and welcome your letter as feedback that we can discuss.
> Many thanks and hope to see you at ICANN 64.


Please find attached my proposal.

If the group could agree it as a fair reflection of our decision in December, I think it would be useful to issue this in time that it may be considered by SOACs (or at least mentioned) at their meeting in Kobe.

I look forward to seeing you in Kobe. I note that no formal meeting of the IOT has been scheduled for ICANN64. Do you think it would be useful to arrange an informal meeting for those who happen to be there?

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