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Mike Rodenbaugh mike at rodenbaugh.com
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I would like to raise an issue for consideration at some point by this
group, regarding IRP fees.  In the ongoing *Fegistry, et al.* IRP re the
.Hotel TLD, ICANN has agreed that it will pay all administrative costs of
the IRP, including IRP panelists' fees.

However, ICANN agreed to this only after refusing our request for many
months, forcing us to brief and argue the issue, and then receiving very
pointed questions to their counsel from the Emergency Panelist at a live
hearing on Claimants' Request for Interim Measures.  The panelist asked
ICANN why it had been refusing to pay such fees (typically well over
$100,000 per case), when the Bylaws so clearly require them to do so.

While they agreed to pay panelists' fees, ICANN still refuses to pay the
ICDR's initial administrative fee of $3,750 -- just to file an IRP

The questions for this group:  1) whether ICANN may require any filing fee,
when Bylaws require ICANN to pay all administrative costs of the IRP,
specifically including IRP panelists' fees.  If so, then 2) is $3,750 a
fair and appropriate amount?  Of course, I strongly think not, as to both
questions.  But I think this group should consider this issue and make a
recommendation at some point.


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