[IOT] IOT - Agenda for December 14 Plenary meeting 19:00 UTC

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 17:50:48 UTC 2021


Please note that we did not have a quorum for the November 30th meeting but
that we did proceed with the updates on the action items and the
sub-groups. It was also agreed that the next meeting would be on December
14th and January 11th, 2022 at 19:00.

ICANN Legal confirmed that we should have the updated version of the Safety
Valve document prior to the December 14th, meeting.

The agenda for that meeting is:

*IRP-IOT Meeting #**82*

*14 December** 2021 @ 1**9**:00 UTC*


*Pending Action Items:*

1.1.ICANN Legal to comment on MH proposal vs. tolling.

1.2.Repose and Safety Valve proposal from ICANN Legal

1.2.1.   SP suggestion to keep MATERIAL EFFECT language in - SE will
consider and respond to the group.

1.2.2.   SE will look at duplicative language to see if it is required.

1.2.3.   SE will re-consider the language regarding impact on third parties.


1.     Review agenda and updates to SOIs.

2.    Review status of Action Items.

3.    Confirmation of next meeting: 11 January 2022, 15:00 UTC.

4.    Update on Consolidation sub-group.

5.    Update on Initiation sub-group.

6.    Review ICANN Legal comment on MH proposal vs. Tolling.

7.    Review ICANN Legal updated Repose and Safety Valve document.

Bernard Turcotte

ICANN Support to the IOT


Susan Payne

Chair IOT
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