[IOT] IOT - Plenary meeting 18:00 UTC Today

McAuley, David dmcauley at Verisign.com
Tue Feb 22 13:28:56 UTC 2022

Hi Bernie

I hope to attend. I have several sick family members at the house including a one-year old. May step away for brief periods but will do best to be there throughout. Fortunately it is not Covid we are dealing with


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Flip has noted that he will only be able to participate for the first 25 minutes given he has to attend the  GNSO Council policy meeting.

Would those who plan on attending the IOT call please confirm to the list ASAP so we can ensure we have enough members for a quorum?

Thank You.

Bernard Turcotte
ICANN Support to the IOT


Susan Payne
Chair IOT
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