[IOT] IOT - Consolidation Sub-Group call 1830 UTC today - Agenda and document

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 14:27:35 UTC 2022

*Consolidation Sub Team members*

*Agenda for Tuesday 18 January 2022, meeting 18:30 UTC*

1.      Review of agenda.

2.      Continue with review items for consideration arising out of 23
November call

4.      Review and discussion of the updated version Rule 7 mark up

5.      Next meeting – Tuesday 1 February 1700 UTC.

*Notes from 23 November call*

The following items arose during our last call on 23 November and require
further consideration from the Sub Team:

   - Whether the request for consolidation/intervention/participation as
   amicus should in fact be heard by the full panel, once appointed, rather
   than a single interim panellist appointed for this purpose – some public
   comment input to this effect.  Considerations:
      - Typically 1-2 months to seat full panel, so potential delay in
      dealing with such requests - would this timing work, particularly for
      consolidation where two IRPs are proceeding in parallel?
      - Joining party (consolidation/intervention) would not have input on
      panel selection – is the trade-off they make for joining another
      - Would an alternative be to retain single panelist decision-making,
      but allow them to confer with full Standing Panel?

*Update 8 December*: support on the call for having these applications
considered by the full panel; edits to Rule 7 (attached) to reflect

   - The role of the Supporting Organisation, e.g. GNSO,  in proceedings
   where their policy is being challenged:
      - under Interim Rules they join as a Claimant but, presumably, they
      actually are opposed to the initial Claimant’s position.
      - Should they be an amicus?

*Update 8 December*: support on call for SO participation as “cross
claimant”, “opponent claimant” or similar; Query – what rights should SO
have that would not be delivered by making them an amicus?

   - Do we need a mechanism to hold amicus participants accountable:
      - On last call, we seemed to favour making this at the discretion of
      the panel, and to add some explicit language to this effect

Bernard Turcotte

ICANN Support to the IOT


Susan Payne

Chair IOT and Consolidation Sub-Group
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