[IOT] IOT - Survey Regarding ICANN 75

McAuley, David dmcauley at Verisign.com
Wed Jun 29 19:16:38 UTC 2022

Thank you, Bernie and Susan.

I am planning to attend ICANN 75 in person but to be fair I cannot commit to that yet – much will depend on the state of the pandemic and my employer’s arrangements regarding COVID.

I would very much welcome a F2F meeting – in fact, I think it would be quite important for the following reasons.

We as an IOT are doing very important work, often draining work as we grapple with complex issues on which we don’t agree. Some issues – Rule 4, for instance - are exceedingly difficult, in my opinion.

Prior to the pandemic, we as an IOT did not meet F2F at ICANN meetings but we did see each other, and we developed warm and respectful bonds amongst the team. Now as the pandemic (let us hope) wanes and as we are close to finishing the rules (I think we are) the IOT could use the chance to work more closely – personal ties will help.

We still have much to do – I mentioned some of my thoughts in this regarding in the work-document that Bernie has started (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FAANnX7L7D5-RVF0vXJ5o88i1ZR1gmVVBQn8C2LBjLo/edit). A chance to sit together for four? eight? hours, if possible, would help us greatly IMO.

As this team faces challenging work, in my opinion we are doing so with good-faith all around and superb leadership by Susan (along with superb staff support). It is just difficult work – a F2F working session may render great benefits.

Thank you Bernie and Susan for reaching out.

Best wishes,


David McAuley

Senior International Policy Manager

Verisign, Inc.

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As mentioned at our last plenary we are considering the possibility of a face-to-face meeting at ICANN 75.

Our next step in seeing if this is feasible is to inquire as to how many IOT members are planning to attend ICANN 75 in KL.

If you are planning to attend ICANN 75 and would be interested in attending an IOT face-to-face meeting at that time please advise by replying to this email.

Thank You.

Bernard Turcotte

ICANN Support to the IOT


Susan Payne

Chair IOT

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