[IOT] Thinking of Flip's question on our plans

McAuley, David dmcauley at Verisign.com
Wed Mar 1 12:49:03 UTC 2023

Dear IOT colleagues,

I think Flip raised an important question during the final stages of our meeting on Feb. 14th. Essentially Flip raised an organizational question regarding where this group wants to be and by when.

As we have seen, trying to finalize the supplemental rules is complex and challenging work. And we have more than just supplemental rules to address - for instance we should consider things such as a rule on limitations on appeals (Bylaw 4.3(w)), additional independence requirements for the standing panel (including possible term limits) (Bylaw 4.3(q)), and more.

An idea occurred to me that might help us in this regard.

It would be for the IOT to schedule a full day F2F meeting prior to each ICANN meeting to have dedicated, intensive time to focus on these challenging matters until we conclude. And maybe ICANN could help by providing two to three travel-support slots to help attract back members who attend less frequently.

Travel support would be contingent, however, on the funded IOT member agreeing to help Susan by leading/facilitating discussion on a challenging issue in an endeavor to bring it to closure.

I thought it would be worthwhile to float this idea and am grateful to Flip for raising the point - and very grateful to Susan for leading our group.

Best regards,


David McAuley

Policy Director

Verisign, Inc.

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