[IOTF] Update on RZERC Charter

Trang Nguyen trang.nguyen at icann.org
Tue Apr 26 01:55:11 UTC 2016

Dear IOTF members,

Attached, please find V3 of the RZERC Charter. I am attaching a clean copy
because there has been so many changes to the document that a redline
would be very difficult to read. This document reflects feedback received
on IOTF Call #5 as well as feedback and edits from Alan Greenberg. Thank
you, Alan, for your help on this.

We will bring this up for discussion on this Wednesday IOTF call.

Warm regards,


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Subject: Update on RZERC Charter

>Dear IOTF members:
>This is an update that the RZERC charter has been updated to reflect input
>provided on IOTF Call #5.
>The updated charter has been sent to Alan Greenberg to review and comment
>in his capacity as the lead of design team F.
>It will be circulated to the IOTF when ready.
>Warm regards,

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