[IOTF] Agenda for IOTF Call #2 (Friday 25 March 14:00 UTC/07:00 PDT/10:00 EDT/Saturday 26 March 01:00 AEDT)

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Thanks for sharing the materials before the call, and my apologies for missing the most recent call.

The IANA transition proposal states that PTI will perform all of the functions currently covered by the NTIA contract (para 21, 23). There is no ambiguity about this. The communities had lengthy discussions about whether all of the functions would move to the PTI, and paras 21 and 23 reflect the community consensus. It is not worth considering or discussing a names-only PTI or any other option, as the substance of the proposal is not up for debate, re-opening, or re-interpretation in cases like this one where it is already unambiguous.

On slide 7, in the “PTI - All 3 IANA functions” table, I do not know why ICANN is listed as an oversight body for numbers and protocol parameters. It is not an oversight body under the proposal. Also, in the case of protocol parameters, oversight is conducted jointly by the IAOC and the IAB. Finally, I wonder what “policy implementation” means and how it is different from “performance of IANA functions.” For protocol parameters at least they are exactly the same thing — carrying out the functions means implementing the policies set by the IETF and others.


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> ¤  Opening Remarks (Lise)
> ¤  Implementation Items (Trang)
> •       PTI Structure
> •       CSC Charter
> ¤  AOB
> ¤  Closing Remarks (Lise)
> I have also attached the presentation material for your review.
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