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Thank you for the suggestion, Avri. We will look into it.


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>We could also get a transcription from the recording and use notes just
>for important points that need to be captured.
>On 25-Mar-16 18:55, Alissa Cooper via IOTF wrote:
>> Hi Yuko,
>> Could I suggest that going forward, if we¹re going to have meeting
>> notes detailed at this level, that the statements be attributed to the
>> speakers? Otherwise it¹s quite difficult to understand what happened
>> in the meeting or who had which position. I had trouble with this when
>> reading the previous minutes for the call that I missed.
>> Alternatively, if it¹s easier to write a paragraph summarizing the
>> discussion and outcomes without attribution, that would work as well
>> and would likewise be better than the listing of individual statements
>> without attribution.
>> One comment below.
>>> On Mar 25, 2016, at 9:51 AM, Yuko Green via IOTF <iotf at icann.org
>>> <mailto:iotf at icann.org>> wrote:
>>> Dear members of the IOTF,
>>> Please see below the meeting notes from today¹s IOTF call. The
>>> presentation material and AC room recordings are now posted
>>> at https://www.icann.org/stewardship-implementation under ³Meetings &
>>> Work Sessions² section. Please note, as a result of the connectivity
>>> issues between AdobeConnect and phone bridge we experienced today,
>>> the audio was not recorded in either AC room or phone bridge. The
>>> issue is now resolved and will not affect the future calls.
>>> *****
>>> *IOTF Call #2*
>>> *25 March 2016 @ 14:00 UTC*
>>> Please note that this meeting is being recorded.
>>> If you would like to review the last call(s), the recordings and
>>> presentation materials are posted publicly
>>> here: https://www.icann.org/stewardship-implementation
>>> *_Agenda:_*
>>> 1. Opening Remarks (Lise)
>>> 2. Implementation Items (Trang)
>>> PTI Structure
>>> CSC Charter
>>> 3. AOB
>>> 4. Closing Remarks (Lise)
>>> *_Notes:_*
>>> Recording started 8 minutes in as the meeting started late due to
>>> audio issue in AC room. Audio is only available via phone bridge.
>>> *PTI Structure*
>>> Russ H in chat "Every place the figure says "IAOC" should say "IAB""
>>> Moving all 3 functions:
>>> Multiple contracts between PTI and ICANN due to different SLA,
>>> complaint mechanism, escalation processes.
>>> Numbers and protocols services will be sub-contracted to PTI as they
>>> will continue to have contracts with ICANN.
>>> If intent of the proposal is to cause minimum change to maintain the
>>> operational stability, then this shows the extent of changes between
>>> moving names only or 3 functions.
>>> Consensus of the community was to move all 3 functions after
>>> extensive discussions among operational communities. The proposal is
>>> clear that all 3 functions should move to PTI.
>>> Contracts and oversight should be separated as it's up to ICANN how
>>> it handles the sub-contracts with PTI.
>>> Proposal's intent was to make PTI to host the whole IANA department
>>> and that will mean minimum change
>>> Splitting the IANA department may cost more
>>> Operational security and stability should be the most important thing
>>> and moving all 3 functions will achieve that. Administrative hardship
>>> should be secondary concern.
>>> It is clear from the comments that the intent of proposal is to move
>>> all 3 functions.
>>> Moving all 3 functions may cause separation more complexed.
>>> Proposal is unclear about separation because we don't know what will
>>> cause the separation or remedies would be.
>>> IFR is the one who will recommend separation but IFR is Names
>>> oriented. But other communities have comparable methods to trigger
>>> separation.
>>> IFR is not the separation mechanism, but SCWG is.
>>> Implementation plan of moving all 3 functions into PTI needs to be
>>> presented to the whole CWG
>> I don¹t understand the statement above or recall it being discussed on
>> the call. I do not believe the plan to move all three functions to PTI
>> needs to be presented to the CWG. The CWG already agreed to it a long
>> time ago. On the other hand, if this is about the specific details of
>> how the move will happen, this sort of presentation seems reasonable.
>> But I don¹t think we discussed that today.
>> Thanks,
>> Alissa
>>> but we need to solve the other portions of the PTI matter, such as
>>> moving the staff into PTI. We need ICANN legal's memo to discuss that
>>> and come to decision.
>>> *CSC Charter*
>>> The list has been previously shared with Donna Austin, the lead of
>>> the DT-C, but she's unable to join the call to share her thought today.
>>> 1. Is ccNSO/GNSO approval on whole composition one-time only or
>>> Donna's understanding was that there is no approval by ccNSO/GNSO in
>>> case of reappointment due to recall. However, any reappointment due
>>> to term expiration would require ccNSO/GNSO approval.
>>> ccNSO/GNSO should have the ability to question the reappointment for
>>> recall, but not need to approve.
>>> --> Bring it up to CWG for discussion
>>> 2. Required skill sets of the CSC members
>>> Need to provide the specific skill sets to the appointing ACs/SOs so
>>> they may appoint the members/liaisons appropriately and ccNSO/GNSO
>>> can approve accordingly.
>>> ICANN staff is requested to draft a first cut on skill set requirements
>>> Any additional clarification we gain from this discussion will
>>> resides in operational procedure documents or something instead of
>>> changing the charter itself.
>>> Instead of IOTF, ICANN should perhaps approach OCs to define the
>>> skill set requirements.
>>> ICANN staff to draft the first requirements but then bring to the OCs
>>> before finalizing.
>>> *AOB*
>>> 28 March Monday is public holiday for most people so no call will be
>>> held 
>>> Next meeting to be held on 30 March Wednesday
>>> Doodle Poll to be sent out for Wed 1900 UTC
>>> *_Action Items:_*
>>> 1. ICANN staff to draft the first requirements for CSC membership
>>> skill sets but then bring to the OCs before finalizing.
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