[ksk-change] Action #3 - Root KSK Rollover Workshop at ICANN 52

Dan York york at isoc.org
Thu Oct 16 22:12:38 UTC 2014

Action #3 - We decided to hold another workshop at ICANN 52 in Marrakesh.  We asked for volunteers to be part of a "program committee" to organize the activities for ICANN 52.   The following people indicated their interest at today's meeting in being involved:

Participants:  David Conrad, Geoff Huston, Jacques Latour, Joe Abley, Paul Ebersman, Dan York

Q FOR LIST:  Who else would be willing to participate in planning the ICANN 52 activities?
(Please reply to list)

Two notes:

 - We did not identify a lead for the program committee but I would assume DRC would be the point person (unless he says otherwise).

 - We did not discuss whether we want to have a public workshop AND a closed "interop" workshop as we did this time.  This is something that we as a group may want to decide.  (Discuss....  :-) )


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