[ksk-change] Web page / site (Github repo?) to list tools available for testing Root KSK Rollover...

Dan York york at isoc.org
Thu Oct 16 22:53:48 UTC 2014

As I was writing that email about the action of creating tools for testing Root KSK Rollover, it occurred to me that it would also be helpful if we had a page that pointed to some of the tools that are being developed such as:
Warren Kumari:   http://keyroll.systems/

Jakob Schlyter's keyroller demo scripts:  https://github.com/jschlyter/keyroll/

Benno Overeinder / NLNet Labs:


It would also be useful if this could be an *easily* editable page by members of this group of people working on tools so that people could update the page with info about their tool when they make updates.

So... it occurs to me:

1. Should "someone" set up a Github repo where we could either have a markdown page in the main repo or use a Github Page?  (Perhaps have ICANN do this with their Github account?)  That way anyone interested in editing the page could be added to the team associated with the Github repo. (or fork the repo and send a pull request)

2. If people don't want to use a Github repo, should "someone" set up a page or a wiki somewhere that could contain these links and be editable by others?

3. Or is there some other solution that's so obvious I'm missing it?

I could certainly throw up a page on the Deploy360 website... and would be glad to do so if we have no other options, but the only detail is I can't easily give people editing capability and that would leave *me* being the bottleneck.

I'd also be glad to set up a repo using my own Github account  (as would probably any number of us)... but it seems to me that it might make more sense to have this hosted off of ICANN's "organization" on Github (unless there are policies or issues with doing that).

Comments?  Thoughts?  Brilliant ideas?


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