[ksk-change] Action #2 - Creation of a document about multiple Root KSKs and a rollover

Kumar Ashutosh askuma at microsoft.com
Fri Oct 17 05:33:19 UTC 2014

I also want to include one section about the proposals about how to verify/measure the impact of the key rollover as I had insisted in the meetings. That can be part of the logistics section or a separate section

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Action #2 - We agreed that we need to create a document that outlines items such as (and this is NOT a complete list):
  - How could it work to have multiple Root KSKs?  What would be involved?
  - What would be the logistics look like for a keyroll?
  - What are the concerns about rollback?

Lead:  David Conrad (DRC) said that he (or someone he finds) will take lead on this document.

Participants:  Mads, Kumar, Joe

Several other people contacted me afterwards saying that they would be interested and need to figure out if they can with schedules, etc.  (And now is the time they can say if they are in fact able to help with the document... )

Q FOR LIST:  Who else would like to work on this document?

Please reply back to the list.


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