[ksk-rollover] root zone KSK rollover operations workshop planning

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Thu Sep 18 00:46:16 UTC 2014


Some notes about our upcoming operational discussions regarding future root zone KSK rollover follow, including a heartfelt request for input on the agenda.


The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the operational considerations of future root zone KSK rollovers, to inform the process of planning and executing with maximum visibility and minimum opportunity for disruption.


  Open, remote participation available

  Brentwood Room
  Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, LA
  (ICANN 51 meeting venue)

  Thursday, October 16, 2014

  TBA (will pass on details as soon as we have them) 

Remote Participation:
  TBA (same with this)


Your input and guidance is humbly requested to flesh out a high-level agenda. Possible topics include, in no particular order:

 - operational gaps in existing validator infrastructure
 - public communications (who needs to know, how should they be told)
 - usefulness of a public testbed (what could it tell us, who might use it)
 - other opportunities for testing prior to a KSK roll
 - timing and mechanics of the actual KSK roll
 - how to tell if things Start Going Badly Wrong
 - opportunities for rollback if Things Go Badly Wrong
 - factors related to future KSK roll schedules
 - opportunities for measurement before, during and after a KSK roll
 - future venues for similar or related discussion

Please feel free to add to this list, or to add meat to any of these high-level topics. Once we have the final details of the start and end times, we can prioritise and tetris topics into the available window.

The format of the workshop is intended to be that of a guided discussion, rather than a set of canned presentations. Notes will be taken and published after the workshop, without attribution.

Go. :-)


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