[ksk-change] planned vs. emergency (was Re: [ksk-rollover] root zone KSK ...)

S Moonesamy sm+icann at elandsys.com
Mon Sep 22 21:32:42 UTC 2014

Hi David,
At 11:53 22-09-2014, David Conrad wrote:
>Sounds reasonable. Of course, if there are multiple keys, it may 
>mean additional KMFs are necessary which means the current physical 
>access strategy may not be applicable.

Within the scope of the current discussion I do not think that the 
current physical assess strategy is a problem.  I suggest thinking 
very carefully about "additional KMFs" before even floating that idea.

>It isn't a question of want. You are assuming there is an option to 
>not authorize an emergency key roll?

It is a choice.  In general, it is not an option which a person(s) 
would blindly authorize.  The planned key roll-over is also about 
avoiding having to face such a choice.

>Thank you (sincerely) for your efforts.  However, I've been told by 
>several people that it is becoming increasingly challenging to get 
>sufficient TCRs to show up for key ceremonies.

I am aware that event scheduling is a challenge.  I have commented 
about that on the relevant mailing list.

>I believe topics like what will break, who it will affect, and 
>mitigation/recovery strategies would be useful topics for the workshop.


S. Moonesamy 

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