[ksk-rollover] Starting discussion on acceptable criteria for proceeding with the root KSK roll

Jacques Latour Jacques.Latour at cira.ca
Thu Jan 4 16:39:26 UTC 2018

I'll go first, we need to take in account the human behaviour, and not being an expert human behavioral analyst, I know that people fix things when broken and not when it's working.  So getting a 100% of people's attention to fix something not broken is almost impossible. 

When we talk to ISP about this issue, the smaller ones just turn DNSSEC validation off because it's easier.

It's impossible to have 100% readiness.
The majority of DNSSEC validation today is via google DNS.

I think we need to go ahead with the roll over, have the humans fix the problems as they arise, and start re-building the trust in DNSSEC globally! (before it's too late!)

My 2 cents!


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> Greetings in the new year. As announced on this list (and in many other places) a few weeks ago, the ICANN org wants to use this list
> to get input from the community on acceptable criteria for proceeding with the root KSK roll. When we made that announcement,
> we saw a good number of new subscriptions to the list, but the discussion didn't start on its own, so we want to get that going.
> For reference, please see <https://www.icann.org/news/blog/update-on-the-root-ksk-rollover-project>. The relevant timing part
> from that article is:
> > The ICANN org will monitor this mailing list and beginning on 15 January 2018, we will develop a draft plan for proceeding with the
> root KSK roll based on the input received and discussion on the mailing list. The plan will be published by 31 January 2018 and
> undergo a formal ICANN public comment process to gather further input.
> We would really like to hear from you about the criteria you think would be relevant for us to observe/measure, if such criteria exist.
> --Paul Hoffman
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