[ksk-rollover] [Ext] Re: Starting discussion on acceptable criteria for proceeding with the root KSK roll

ÁngelGonzález ksk at dns.16bits.net
Mon Jan 8 20:13:55 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-07 at 12:19 -0800, S Moonesamy wrote:
> Hi David,
> At 09:37 AM 07-01-2018, David Conrad wrote:
> >Yes. But I'm still not seeing where 2020 comes in. All the above is 
> >saying is that the 2010 KSK was in a position to be rolled after 2015.
> The first KSK was introduced in 2010.  That statement is about doing 
> a KSK after five years.  I multiplied the duration by two, hence the year 2020.
> There was a discussion about the rollover in 2013.  The delays since 
> them could be interpreted as meaning that the KSK roll is 
> indefinitely postponed.  At some point there may be discussions about 
> whether all this is reliable.
> >Sorry, where are you getting your numbers?
> The numbers are from 
> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/update-on-the-root-ksk-rollover-project
> >To be clear, we're now seeing about 8% of the RFC 8145-reporting 
> >resolvers (which is, of course, a subset of all validating 
> >resolvers) indicating they're configured for only KSK-2010. The 
> >issue is that we have no good idea of figuring out how many end 
> >users that percentage is representing and what the implications of 
> >breaking resolution for those end users will be.
> According to data published by APNIC, 10.82% of DNSSEC validation 
> worldwide is from Google Public DNS.  It should be possible to take 
> that number out of the equation by talking with someone at Google.
> The (8%) number is not meaningful if I cannot explain it in an easily 
> understandable manner.   Would breaking resolution have an impact 
> which is similar to the 2016 Dyn outage?  Would it take down a 
> significant part of the internet in a country?
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy 
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