[ksk-rollover] What KSK rollover methodology will be used today?

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Thu Oct 11 11:19:17 UTC 2018

Matt Larson (matt.larson) writes:
> > Does anyone know what is the method for changing the KSK rollover today? I have tried to look for it in ICNN documents but I unfortunately I could not find it.
> I'm not sure I understand your question about methodology. At 1600 UTC today, 11 October (or shortly thereafter), a root zone will be published with only the "new" KSK (called KSK-2017) signing the root zone's apex DNSKEY RRset. Currently the root zone's apex DNSKEY RRset is signed only with the soon-to-be "old" KSK (called KSK-2010). The publication of this root zone implements the root KSK rollover.

	To complement your answer, we can say this is a "pre-publish" type
	rollover (as opposed to a double signature one) -- if that was what
	Suhayb was referring to.


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