[ksk-rollover] 24-hour status check

Matt Larson matt.larson at icann.org
Fri Oct 12 20:45:41 UTC 2018

> On Oct 12, 2018, at 8:42 PM, Dave Lawrence <ksk-rollover at reg.dd.org> wrote:
> Paul Hoffman writes:
>> In the first 24 hours after the rollover, there were very few
>> reports of problems, and those were mostly fixed quickly. 
> Awesome!  Given the absence of detail here, I presume you'll be
> expanding on what those problems and remedies were in some followup
> message?

Yes, we can do that. Some of the reports are anecdotal and all are secondhand: nothing on our list so far was reported directly to ICANN; instead we're probably recording some of the same reports you've already seen. Byut we're keeping a list of them.

That being said, we'd be interested to hear about any issues caused by the KSK rollover, so please don't assume we've heard about them and forward them. You can send to me personally or this list, if you think it would be interesting to everyone.



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