[ksk-rollover] ksk - Requested session has been scheduled for IETF 104

IETF Secretariat agenda at ietf.org
Fri Mar 1 21:10:06 UTC 2019

Dear Liz Flynn,

The session(s) that you have requested have been scheduled.
Below is the scheduled session information followed by
the original request. 

    ksk Session 1 (1:30 requested)
    Thursday, 28 March 2019, Morning Session I 0900-1030
    Room Name: Congress Hall 2 size: 350

iCalendar: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/104/sessions/ksk.ics

Request Information:

Working Group Name: KSK Futures
Area Name: Operations and Management Area
Session Requester: Liz Flynn

Number of Sessions: 1
Length of Session(s):  1.5 Hours
Number of Attendees: 150
Conflicts to Avoid: 
 First Priority: dnsop dprive lamps saag git

People who must be present:
  Paul E. Hoffman
  Warren "Ace" Kumari

Resources Requested:

Special Requests:

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