[ksk-rollover] (Un)planning future KSK replacements

Paul Ebersman list-ksk-rollover at dragon.net
Thu Mar 28 10:52:13 UTC 2019

msj> o I mostly agree with this, and would totally agree if we were
msj>   completely 5011 based, but that's not the case. I think there
msj>   needs to be an "interested parties" announcement even if this
msj>   isn't announced widely. E.g. ISPs that do manual configuration
msj>   on roll-their-own DNS resolvers etc.

salz> If you pre-announce to interested parties, then you are not
salz> helping those parties learn how to handle unannounced
salz> emergencies.

It is not the IETF's job to tell large ISP that they must do 5011. We
need to consider that the world will never be all 5011 and that
alternate automation methods are valid and how we'd address that in an

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