[ksk-rollover] suggestions for deciding on key roll timing

Robert Story rstory at isi.edu
Thu Mar 28 14:41:37 UTC 2019

On Thu 2019-03-28 01:42:35-0700 Wes wrote:
> I just mentioned this at a mic, and I'm re-broadcasting it here:
> I believe we should consider two different elements separately for
> deciding future key-roll strategies:
> 1) When we should perform the next roll
> 2) What frequency we should use between future rolls after the next
> And for #1, I believe we shouldn't be thinking about time at all, but
> rather we should create two lists of MUSTs and MAYs for rolling next,
> and ensures all MUSTs are handled.

I agree that we need requirements, but I think the time discussion
should happen in parallel. There will still be plenty of time to delay
the next rollover if unresolved blockers come up in the requirements.


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