[ksk-rollover] some simple/silly questions about root KSK ceremonies

Michael Richardson mcr+ietf at sandelman.ca
Mon Jul 13 20:20:00 UTC 2020

Three questions:

1) Should I refer to
or https://www.iana.org/dnssec/dps/zsk-operator/dps-zsk-operator-v2.0.pdf

as the authoritative document?
The first is clearly more recent, and seems better linked.
But, maybe it's a draft.

2) With the April 23 ceremoney (#41) having been held, would
   there there not have been another in July?
   What will happen?
   It seems that maybe enough things were signed in April to last awhile.

3) There was a long debate about how often to roll the root key.
   A link to:
   was posted last fall.

I see that the report is still overdue.
I was looking for something authoritative to cite.
Is it reasonable to cite:

for now?

Michael Richardson <mcr+IETF at sandelman.ca>, Sandelman Software Works
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