[ksk-rollover] Meet the Root Zone Algorithm Rollover Design Team @ IETF 116

Ralf Weber dns at fl1ger.de
Thu Mar 30 07:56:24 UTC 2023


On 30 Mar 2023, at 16:46, Petr Špaček via ksk-rollover wrote:
> for the benefit of people who did not hear the session, could you describe what slide 15 Timeline is trying to tell?
> It really confused me and I don't know what is the take away.

It is a bit confusing. The timeline is a table. The second row named “Design Team” has milestones for the design team, aka when the report will be published and you can comment on it and when we think we can finalise it by integrating the comments.

The third row name “KSK” describes the timeline for the current planned KSK rollover that will use the same alogrithm 8 as the last KSK rollover. Given that this process is already starting the last two lines on the slides point to the earliest day we theoretically could do an algorithm rollover (in 2028, with the key of the new algorithm being generated in 2026) given the current KSK rollover schedule.

Hope this makes it clear.

So long
Ralf Weber

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