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Dear Hazem et all:

Please use this poll. 'LatinGP v.1'.


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I tried to fill the Doodle poll, but couldn't find the time zone for the mentioned slots.
So, could you enable "time-zone support"  in the poll to make it clearer?

Hazem Hezzah

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Subject: [Latingp] First meeting

Dear LGP colleagues,

Please fill in the following Doodle poll by Sunday to set the time of our first telephone call, bearing in mind that the time slot may be used for our regular meetings: http://doodle.com/poll/9pcqecfhrkk7a2dy

The draft agenda is still as follows:
1.         Attendance
2.         Welcome
3.         Background to the LGP
4.         Comment on Armenian GP's proposal
5.         (if time) Work plan for LGP
6.         Dates of next meetings
7.         AOB

Let me know if you would like any agenda items added.

I shall table documents on 4. and 5. nearer the time. The reason for 4. is that the Armenian GP has a discussion of homoglyph relations between Armenian and Latin scripts in their proposal for the Root Zone LGR for the Armenian script: www.icann.org/public-comments/proposal-armenian-lgr-2015-07-22-en<http://www.icann.org/public-comments/proposal-armenian-lgr-2015-07-22-en>.  This affects the LGP and we shall be expected to make a public comment.


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