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Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at icann.org
Thu Sep 24 20:20:45 UTC 2015

Of course, you can say what you want, but it is possibly confusing for you
to say "Chris Dillon. Latin Generation Panel" rather than just "Chris
Dillon". The Latin Generation Panel still does not know whether the
Integration Panel believes that there can possibly be homoglyphs across
separable scripts, so putting "Latin Generation Panel" at the end of your
letter may give the impression that we as a panel agree with your assertion
about the homoglyph.

Just to be clear: I truly don't know whether there can be homoglyphs across
separable scripts, or whether Armenian and Latin are actually separable.
Neither is clear to me from what we have heard so far from the Integration
Panel, but I suspect we'll know much more after asking them. From the many
written documents we have, I suspect that the answer to these questions are
for the Integration Panel to make, not each individual Generation Panel.

--Paul Hoffman

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