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Chris, will you tell us a few words about

"Second Level work on over 25 languages ?"

I am not familiar with it.

Also about the date of the next meeting, you probably thought 26th of April?



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Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your feedback about meeting times.

It seems that we can return to the work schedule in the current version of the draft panel formation proposal and hold meetings every two weeks starting on March 26 (sorry, not on the 19th as mentioned in my last email). The time is likely to be 16:00 UTC, but I will confirm that nearer the time.

It is likely that there will be no IDN work at Helsinki and no members of the IP present there. Incidentally, Mirjana and I shall be there.

However, this means that there will be too long a time until our face-to-face meeting in Puerto Rico at the end of October, and so I have started preparations for a two-day face-to-face meeting in the first half of June. It will make sense to have this close to where active members of the panel are based - so perhaps Frankfurt or Belgrade, but there is also a suggestion of Istanbul.
Please let me know whether you would be able to attend a two-day meeting in the first half of June and any thoughts about venues. ICANN will provide some travel support.

So what would we be doing at the face-to-face?
Basically, following the work schedule. There is, however, one change I believe we should make. In fact, it affects us in the short term, as it is likely that Second Level work on over 25 languages will become available within the next month. It is apparently especially strong on attestation, as it has used references we have not yet covered. Members of the Integration Panel would attend some of the meeting, perhaps the hours at the ends of the days.

Accordingly, I shall do a major update of the proposal including the work schedule and get it to you well in time for our 26 March meeting during which we can also discuss the face-to-face.

Français: Il n'y aura pas de travail sur les IDNs a Helsinki. Nous aimerions avoir une réunion de deux jours a Francfort ou Belgrade, ou meme a Istanbul pendant les deux semaines premieres de Juin. Est-ce que ça serait pratique pour vous? Jusqu'a un certain point, ICANN payera nos voyages.
Pendant le mois prochain on recevra du travail en plus de 25 langues au deuxieme niveau. Ça changera l'ordre optimal de nos travaux et je vous donnerai une nouvelle version du document pour former officiellement notre groupe avant notre prochaine téléconférence au 26eme, peut-etre a 16:00h UTC, mais je confirmerai le temps exact pendant les jours prochains.


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