[Latingp] Windows font with all Latin characters

Dillon, Chris c.dillon at ucl.ac.uk
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Dear Mirjana,

Thank you for that resource. I’ve used it as a foundation stone to make a little page on useful resources:

It reminds me that I once had a colleague who had just two folders on his desktop:

1.    Useful things

2.    Useless things


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Dear colleagues,

If you have problems in viewing all Latin characters in the GP proposal sent by Chris
you can install  font from this site


Please, choose

Doulos SIL 5.000 <http://software.sil.org/downloads/doulos/DoulosSIL-5.000.exe> EXE | 1.22 MB | 28 Oct 2014
Windows Installer

and then format text  in MS word with font  Doulos Sil



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