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Dear Dr. Bauland,

Welcome to the Latin GP,

I'm sure the group will benefit from your knowledge and experience. 

Hazem Hezzah

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Dear Sarmad, dear Mirjana, dear all,

thank you, Sarmad, for your kind words.

I am very exited in joining the work of this group. Let me give you a short introduction about myself.

My background lies in theoretical computer science. I did my PhD in complexity theory at the university of Hanover about 10 years ago.

After the PhD I started (and still am) working with Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH in Dortmund Germany. We are a registrar and we also developed the TANGO registration system, a registry backend currently used by around 30 new generic TLDs. Furthermore, we developed the name server infrastructure ironDNS, running several anycast name servers for registries and registrars.

During the development of TANGO I was also partly responsible for the
<بازار‎>(.bazaar) IDN table (see
Since I do not know any Arabic language I was of course not able to contribute any language-specific support. That knowledge was provided by Siavash Shahshahani and Alireza Saleh. I was able to check the rules and character tables for consistency and afterwards transformed them into our software system.

Therefore I will most likely only be able to provide technical support, as my language proficiency is rather small. My first language is German.
I speak English (of course) and some Finnish. Additionally I just started to learn Spanish, but that is still at a very very very basic level. ;-)

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Best regards,


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