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P.S.  Please mark your response within this week by 9 April.

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Dear All,

I have set up a doodle poll at http://doodle.com/poll/fdh8ytt4dfrz7mm9.  Please indicate the days you can be available (plan to arrive a day earlier and leave late the third working day) for the 2.5 day face to face meeting.  Again, please be generous with the possibilities you mark, so that we can find a set of days which are suitable for most members.

I have just put in a representative time, but consider the days fully booked :-)

The meeting is being scheduled at ICANN's Istanbul Office.


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Dear All,

As discussed during our previous call, we are planning to have a face to face meeting for the Latin GP.  This will be a 2.5 day meeting, to allow the Latin GP members to make progress.

Currently the ICANN Office at Istanbul, Turkey is being considered as the possible location for hosting the meeting.  We are considering late June, but before the ICANN 59 week, as the tentative dates.  I will send an invitation for a doodle poll for finalizing the final set of dates soon.

ICANN will be able to provide support for a limited number of Latin GP members.  Mirjana will be sharing details about how to apply for this support.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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