[Latingp] Chatroom notes from Latin GP call - 25 April, 2017

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Tue Apr 25 13:08:09 UTC 2017

Hi All,
Here are the notes from the chat room during our call on 25 April, 2017:

Sarmad Hussain: Hello All.
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Hello everybody
Fiammetta Caccavale: Hello
Mats Dufberg: Good day, everybody.
Michael Bauland: hello
Bill Jouris: Good morning all
Mirjana Tasic .rs: I ' ll try to connect using phone
Sarmad Hussain: @Mirjana - OK
Meikal Mumin: Hello everyone
Dennis Tan: Hello, good morning
Sarmad Hussain: please mute your mics if you are not speaking.
Sarmad Hussain: thanks
Sarmad Hussain: @Fiammetta - please mute your mic/phone
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Yes I hear you
Fiammetta Caccavale: yes, sorry
Mirjana Tasic .rs: No that is nit me
Fiammetta Caccavale: is it better now?
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Yes but I am trying to connect by phone
Michael Bauland: yes
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:06) -----------------
Meikal Mumin: I cannot connect myself (as last time) because the dialing codes are not being accepted by the computer on the other end - when I press 1 on the keypad to join, I am not being connected
Sarmad Hussain: please share your phone no. and I can call out to you
Mirjana Tasic .rs: My phone no is +381-60  0120550
Meikal Mumin: Meanwhile when trying to dial out to a landline/local number, I do not recieve any callback
Meikal Mumin: I had the same issues during our last call  - sorry, but I assume there is some issue with the telco provider behind adobe connect
Michael Bauland: @Meikal: for me it worked. I got a call to my landline
Sarmad Hussain: Seems like dial out is not working from here either
Meikal Mumin: @Michael - Dunno :(
Mats Dufberg: If things are not working, should we cancel today's meeting?
Sarmad Hussain: was able to dial out to Meikal
Sarmad Hussain: but not Mirjana
Mats Dufberg: I suggest that we instead plan to have meeting every week so that one lost meeting does not "hurt" as much and so that we get more progress.
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:12) -----------------
Michael Bauland: sounds good
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:16) -----------------
Meikal Mumin 2: We should make sure that the times do not collide
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:21) -----------------
Mats Dufberg: What is the URL of the latest version of the proposal on Googl Docs?
Fiammetta Caccavale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-b-lpjzhH37Za6-cU0GS09rJ0EnfrTEhBuXES0z5kHQ/edit?usp=sharing
Fiammetta Caccavale: should be this
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:23) -----------------
Sarmad Hussain: First two weeks seem to be developing the groups
Sarmad Hussain: Group1 and Group2
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:26) -----------------
Ahmed Bakht: Sorry I have to go for another meeting conflicting with this call
Ahmed Bakht: I will follow through recording
Meikal Mumin 2: I didn't get it Mirjana
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:34) -----------------
Hazem Hezzah: Hello, sorry for being late.
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:48) -----------------
Michael Bauland: sounds good to me
Fiammetta Caccavale: I agree
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:51) -----------------
Dennis Tan: +1 Sarmad re: information comments after developing criteria, then after repertoire, variant and wle rules
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:55) -----------------
Bill Jouris: Can do
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:57) -----------------
Michael Bauland: In two weeks there is the ICANN GDD summit in Madrid. Is somebody there to meet in person?
Michael Bauland: I won't be able to join the call then
Mats Dufberg: I suggest a Doodle to see if the members can attend a meeting every week.
----------------- (04/25/2017 18:00) -----------------
Dennis Tan 2: @Michael... I'll be in Madrid
Meikal Mumin 2: Generally Ok for me
Bill Jouris: Every week seems like a good idea.  However painful 5 AM is for me, I think it would get us moving along faster.
Mats Dufberg: OK for meeting every week.
Fiammetta Caccavale: I usually work, but I think I will be able to change my timetable. So I think I will be able to join
Hazem Hezzah: will try to join, but can't be committed every week.
Dennis Tan 2: Ok for me, for most weeks
Bill Jouris: If the time works for everybody else, I can cope with it.
Michael Bauland: I could join a call every week
Mats Dufberg: Thank you! Bye.
Dennis Tan 2: Good bye
Hazem Hezzah: Thank you, bye
Meikal Mumin 2: Thanks. Bye
Bill Jouris: Bye
Fiammetta Caccavale: Thanks, bye

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